Wednesday, 16 April 2014

I love Funky Giraffe :)

I am a very, very lucky boy, I have been sent another fantastic Funky Giraffe romper suit to review, and a dribble bib too! And, best of all, I am launching a competition for three lucky winners to each win a personalised romper suite of their choice too!

I just love theses romper suits, they are so comfortable and soft. This one is navy blue with a lovely red trim, and a red rocket on the front. I had my name added in red too. I wrote about my first romper too and you can read all about it here. You can choose from many designs, for boys and girls, and add any name to the front. Mummy loves them because they wash so well, and dry overnight. They don't crease, they are made of 100% cotton.

I love my new bib too, so soft, and a perfect fit. They have different sizes and loads of designs, as well as plain ones so you will definitely find one to match every outfit. Mummy chose this lovely bright one for the summer for me. It is nice and thick too which is good because I dribble a lot!

You can enter the competition below, and have a look at the full range of romper suits and bibs here.

Woohoo Points

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these comfy, soft gorgeous suits - and bibs too.
Super quick delivery, easy to wash, quick drying, no creasing, super-duper fab clothing :)

Waaaah Points 

Erm...... NONE!

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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Project 365 Week 15 6 April - 12 April

Sunday 6 April - A wet day, so we stayed at home. Mummy tried out a sling that she has borrowed with me, it was lots of fun, I wasn't too sure at first, but I feel so safe with mummy that I soon relaxed. Daddy came down for tea (he had been working all weekend) and gave me a bath. Daddy loves bathing me, and I love it too, it is a very special time for us both. This photo shows my lovely curls after my bath.

Monday 7 April - no photo - mummy worked in the morning, MeeMee looked after me, and in the afternoon I went to Nana's because mummy had to go on a speed awareness course. I don't know what that means, it is something to do with her driving a bit too fast. I had tea at Nana's with Lea and Luke, and mummy didn't get us until 6.30pm! I fell asleep on the way home :)

Tuesday 8 April - My day with my Nana, yay! After mummy picked up Lea and Luke at the end of the school day, we all went for a drink. On the way, a man stopped Nana and gave him some bubbles that he had won and didn't want! How did he know they are my very favourite thing? I am telling Luke and showing him here :)

Wednesday 9 April - photo to follow (MeeMee has them on her phone!) Mummy met her friend for breakfast, she is teaching him how to use his mini iPad and Twitter! He is so funny, he makes mummy laugh and laugh. We picked MeeMee up and went for lunch. 

Thursday 10 April - photo to follow (hopefully) I went to Granny Jane's as mummy had work to do. Guess what? We went for coffee, and, Nana and Grandad were sat in the coffee shop! They had a lovely chat - about me, mainly, and how lovely I am ;) When mummy picked me up, we all picked MeeMee up from home, she had been working on her A Level English Essay all day, and was very stressed, so, as a treat we went for drinks, cakes and for me, a tea cake - my favourite! 

Friday 11 April- It was a beautiful day, mummy and I met friends in the morning and went for a long walk. We then went to Nana's. I had a sleep in Nana's bedroom, and this is the view from there, isn't it beautiful?

Saturday 12 April - I am 18 months old today :) We are going away tomorrow for a few days, so today was a very busy day getting everything ready. We are meeting up with Nana and Grandad and my cousin, and going to Manchester to see my family, including my Great Nana who is 93! 

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Country Kids 12 April 2014

This photo was taken on Friday 11 April, a beautiful warm, sunny day. This week the weather has been mixed, but we are having some lovely weather amongst the rain and cold.

Mummy and I went for a walk in Seaside Town, the beaches are still almost deserted, but over Easter will get much busier. The land in the distance is an island. In the summer, you can get a boat over there, and see seals if you are lucky.

I can't wait until I am running around on the beach, (I am up on my feet, cruising around the furniture!). My brother and sisters finished school today for the Easter Holidays, and mummy really thinks that I will be walking properly by the end of the holidays.

I can't wait to post some #CountryKids photos of me running around outside! 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Friday, 11 April 2014

My Interview with mummy :)

I have been tagged by L-Plate Mummy to answer these questions asked by my mummy. Here goes :)

1. What is something mummy always says to you?
I love you my beautiful baby boy :)
2. What makes mummy happy?
Me and my brother and sisters :)
3. What makes mummy sad? 
When my brother and sisters row and shout :(
4. How does mummy make you laugh?
She chases me then tickles and tickles me :)
5. What was mummy like as a child?
A child!? When was mummy a child?
6. How old is mummy?
Mummy is not old. She is very young.
7. How tall is mummy?
Very tall, but not as tall as a giraffe.
8. What is mummy’s favourite thing to do?
Drink coffee ;)
9. What does mummy do when you’re not around?
Works on her iPad or computer.
10. If mummy was famous what would it be for?
Drinking coffee. Or talking.
11. What is mummy good at?
Being a mummy.
12. What is mummy not very good at?
Baking. Cooking. Sitting still.
13. What does mummy do for her job?
Mummy is very busy doing things on the iPad.
14. What is mummy’s favourite food?
Pasta and coffee.
15. What makes you proud of mummy?
Everything she does.
16. If mummy was a cartoon, what would it be?
Mummy would be Mummy Pig. Or an Octonaut.
17. What do you and mummy do together?
Cuddle, kiss, go for walks, eat tea cakes.
18. How are you and mummy the same?
We are not the same at all. I am a boy and she is a girl.
19. How are you and mummy different?
I am very little and mummy is big.
20. How do you know mummy loves you?
She tells me one hundred times a day, and is always trying to kiss and cuddle me.
21. What does mummy like most about daddy?
He is strong.
22. Where is mummy’s favourite place to go?
A coffee shop. With coffee and tea cakes :)
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Great news for colic suffering babies :)

I suffered terribly from colic when I was a little baby, and it used to upset mummy a lot. My brother and sisters suffered too. So mummy's first experience of colic was almost 18 years ago, and her latest was last year! 

There was very little support for colic when the others suffered, but mummy used Infacol with all of us. My brother and I are dairy intolerant, so, we cried a lot when we were tiny.
Mummy was asked to have a look at a brand new Infant Colic Support Centre online, a complete resource centre which is open 24 hours a day to help mummies (and daddies!) answer questions about colic.

Mummy made a cup of lovely hot chocolate, and nibbling on a cookie, all sent as a thank you from Infacol, she had a good look around the website. 

There is a section to help you identify that it is colic that your bubba is suffering from, and mummy was very happy to see that dairy intolerance is highlighted as a possible cause of certain symptoms, at least it brings it to a mummy's attention. 

There is another section is where you can ask any questions, and if the question you have isn't there, you can email Nikki Khan, a professional midwife, and Infacols Infant Health Expert.

The website is a really good idea for mummies to be able to have their questions answered at any time, and is really easy to use. 

There is also a lovely set of video clips showing you how to massage your baby to ease colic, mummy used to massage me, and gently move my legs as if I was riding a bike, and it did help. 

Mummy also use to lie me across her knees on my tummy, supporting my head of course, and I liked this too (sometimes!) I also loved being gently rocked, and mummy was given a baby swing that gently rocked me to sleep, and this eased my tummy pains too.

To any little babies suffering from colic, it doesn't last forever, it eased greatly for me when I reached 12 weeks old.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

GumiGem Teething Necklace Giveaway :)

I am giving away a brand new GumiGem Miller Heart Teething Pendant Aquarius RRP £12.95 

This is the actual Teething Necklace you will win :)

This is a personal giveaway from me to you, the prize has been bought by me (or rather my mummy!) 

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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Guest Post from Chico my cat :)

Hello, my name is Chico, and my sister is Simba. 

This is me, Chico :) I can see you!

This is my sister Simba, sensibly, she sleeps in a bed :)

Ickle Pickle was sent some yummy food for us to try, we are usually quite fussy with what we eat, mum (our hu-mum) has given us all sorts of food in the past! Our favourite is chicken, or salmon, but failing that, we do prefer meat, in jelly not gravy, and Simba prefers dried food. She was more excited about this food than me, I have to say. The food is Harringtons, and is made in Yorkshire, which mum was very pleased about, she try's to buy British where she can. I felt a little more hopeful when I read on the packet that it contained salmon ;)

She gave us the food with a little tinned meat to start with, and Simba tucked in. I wasn't so keen, I carefully ate the meat, and went for a sleep. When I woke, I was hungry, and, hoped that Simba had left some of her meat. No such luck! There was, in my bowl, the Harringtons. I quickly realised there was nothing else on offer, and my tummy was rumbling, so I decided to try the Harringtons. 

Well, I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised! It was much nicer than the other dried stuff we usually have.

Mum gave us more at tea time, still with a little meat (just for me) and I ate it all. Simba ate all the biscuits (she usually does). Now, we have both been off our food lately, because our sister, Maya, was killed in a car accident a few weeks ago and it has upset us both terribly.

But, a cat's got to eat, and I can thoroughly recommend Harringtons

Mum says The Harringtons food went down well, and Chico, who is quite fussy, actually ate it. It is approx £5 for a 2kg bag and I would definitely buy it for them.

We were sent the food free to review, all words are mine and my mummy's ;)
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