Sunday, 20 April 2014

Wow I am 18 months old!

18 months ago last Saturday on 12 October 2012, I arrived into the world, much to the happiness and relief of mummy, daddy and everyone else!

I was a little surprise for mummy, who was 41 when I was born. There is ten years between me and my brother, and 13 and 16 years between me and my sisters!

Me every month from birth to 1 year old :)
Me 13 months - 18 months old :)

I am going through such a lot of change at the moment. I am standing most of the time, walking around the furniture and with Ozs walker, but not actually, fully walking yet! I have just cut my third tooth (on Saturday 5 April) , and I am saying new words every day.

I have a very, very sensitive tummy, and mummy has to be careful not to upset it! I am still on special 'milk' Neocate, as I was born dairy tolerant. It is very stinky and I am used to the taste but lots of babies won't drink it. It is made mostly of different sugars, and leaves a funny coating inside my bottles after a while, so mummy has still been sterilising them. She replaced all my bottles recently, and is hoping I will be off Neocate in the next month or so, so a couple of weeks ago (Mon 7 April) , she used the steriliser for the last time, and last week, she threw all my first baby bottles and teats away. I also stopped my teatime drink of Neocate too.

At 18 months I have....
Three teeth :)
Lots of curls
Lots of smiles

I can....
Cruise around the furniture
Say loads of words

My favourite songs....
'Roar' Katy Perry
'Happy' Farrell Williams
Beyoncé 'All the Single Ladies'

I love....
Peppa & George Pig
Baa, Moo, Horsey & Piggy
Mikey & Art from Monsters University

I say....(new words at 18 mths)
Nink nonk (Ninky Nonk - In the Night Garden)
Appy, Appy, Appy (when I want the song 'Happy')
'Tigow' means I want to get down
Pear, plum, fork, door, manon (banana!)

My favourite foods...
Sweet Potato

I eat well, I sleep well, I am happy and smiley almost all the time, but I am starting to have a little temper, and will scream as loud as I can, if I want to. If I get angry, I smack myself. Or throw whatever is nearest to me. I have never seen anyone else do this, so mummy doesn't know why I do that. Nor do I!
I have just started recognising myself in the mirror, and say my name when I see myself. (I am not quite sure who I thought I was before!)
I am very loved, and very loving. I blow kisses, and give kisses and hugs (when I want to). Mummy wants to kiss me ALL the time. And cuddle me. 

I am super cute (as mummy says) and... I know it! xx

Mummy says.....

'You are the most adorable, gorgeous little boy in the world. You bring happiness and sunshine to everyone you meet. You are going through lots of changes at the moment. You are so nearly walking, you are teething again, very dribbly, lots of poopy nappies and have a little cough and cold which means tooth No.4 is nearly here. You say new words daily, patiently repeating yourself until we understand what you mean. Your little voice is so sweet, you sing and hum to yourself, and still make your little (not so quiet!) noise when you are concentrating! Every day, I think that you just cannot possibly get any cuter. And every day, you do. I love you my Ickle Pickle, I love you so very much, I could cry tears of joy every time I look at you. I thought I had had all my babies, whom I also love so very much, and then you came along to give me the chance again to be a mummy to my baby. Thank you for choosing me to be your mummy xxx'

I have linked this post to Mummy, Daddy, Me's Ordinary Moments, and Olivers Madhouse Magic Moments because every ordinary moment with my mummy and my family is magic!

mummy daddy me

Silent Sunday Photo 20 April


Project 365 Week 16 13-19 April

This week we have been away on holiday. We went to Manchester, staying at The Coach House Premier Inn at The Trafford Centre. Because we are staying in a hotel, with no kitchen or fridge, mummy has had to try and plan my food, and hope that it doesn't upset my tummy. She spoke to my dietician before we went, and has introduced bottled water to me rather than tap water, which varies from place to place and has upset me before. 

On Sunday we travelled to Manchester, the weather was lovely and sunny. We left at 8.15am and stopped for breakfast, and again for lunch. we had a good journey, and arrived at the Premier Inn, unloaded the car and went straight to the Trafford centre. After we flopped on the gorgeous comfy beds :)

The Trafford Centre is so big, so many shops and people. We went to the Disney Store - wow I have never seen so many toys in my life! Mummy bought me a Monsters University play set, I love it, especially Mikey.  I am sooooo excited, it's the first time I can remember being in a hotel, although I stayed here last Easter too. It's a lovely room, and Nana and Grandad are next door with with my cousin. I 'walked' to their room with Lea holding my hands, I soon realised that this was fun, and  I crawled there too. I thought it was funny to knock on their door, and couldn't understand why they stopped me from knocking on other doors too! We went for dinner in the pub next door, which I  loved. Mummy had roast dinner and I had turkey for the first time! It was lovely. I went to sleep a bit later than usual, it was all so new and exciting, and I wasn't sure about the travel cot, so mummy lay me by her, then she popped me in the cot when I was almost asleep. I was asleep by 8.30pm. I slept really well, I think everybody did!

MeeMee, Me, Great Nana, Lea, Luke & Aunty Lily


I woke up at 7am, wondering where I was for a moment, then I remembered, we were on holiday! It was so much fun being in the same room. 

We all got ready, then I remembered about going next door to see Nana! I sat by the door shouting and pointing 'door!' Mummy took me to see them. We all went to breakfast, and I had a poached egg and toast, yum! Mummy 'walked' me around holding my hands, she is determined I am going to walk this holiday! We left to go and see my great nana, and for me to meet her sister, Aunty Lily. We had a lovely time with them, there is 92 years between me and my Great Nana! We  went to a coffee shop nearby to meet mummy's uncle too. I had a teacake :) we went back to the hotel and to the shopping centre. Oh my goodness, you'll never guess what! There is a huge toy store called Hamley's, apparently it is very famous, and there was a tractor and trailer set in there, with the same animals as my farm, including Baa, Moo, Horsey and Piggy! Baa!!! Another Baa! I could not believe my eyes! I thought MY Baa had jumped on the trailer, until mummy showed me my Baa (and I know it was my Baa, because his nose is scratched) even better, the tractor was in the sale, so mummy brought it for me, for being a good boy! She also bought me a special Hamley's Teddy, too, because it was on a special offer. I am such a lucky boy! I cuddled him and cuddled him. And, best of all, I now have TWO Baa's!! 

We had KFC for tea, I had a little of the chicken and some chips! I also had a baked potato that mummy cooked at Great Nana's and a tiny bit of tuna. Mummy was hoping I would have more, but I really didn't want it, so that's why I had some chicken. Mummy and I went back to the room and played with my new tractor. It makes sounds, moves on it's own, has a farmer, and beeps and makes all the animal sounds too! It is so much fun. Luke bought me a present too, a cuddly Mikey wearing a hat, he makes me laugh! I went to asleep at about 8.45pm


I slept well and woke at 6.45am! Very early for holidays! We all had breakfast, I had some egg and toast again. We then went back into the shopping centre. It is so busy, so many people. Mummy is looking out for a pushchair for me, but there aren't that many baby shops there. We looked around, and I fell asleep, all ths shopping and visiting is so exhausting! We left after I had my lunch to go to mummy's Uncle A for the rest of the day. We had to go onto the M6, a huge motorway, I have never seen so many cars and lorrys in my life. We couldn't go fast at all, we just about went slow! Uncle A has a new doggy, Lola, who they gave a home to a few months ago. I was very, very excited, I have never seen a doggy so close before - except Crumble, who lives at the house MeeMee and Oz look after sometimes, and he is so old he hardly moves at all. Well, Lola did move. A lot. And quickly too! And she shouted too! I tried to put my finger up her nose, and in her mouth, I'm not sure why, I just did. She was very gentle with me, and. Mummy never took her eyes off her. Or me. I shared my toys with her, and put them next to her paw,but she didn't pick them up, I don't know why, maybe she didn't want to play. I was very brave, and played on the floor next to her. We had tea there, mummy cooked me some sweet potato and carrots and peas, and I had some fruit and tried a little strawberry for the first time :)

Wednesday -  I slept really well again last night. My tummy seems fine :) we went to the shopping centre again, then we went with Great Nana to the Coronation Street Tour. I've never seen Coronation Street but, mummy says it's a programme that has been on TV for years and years and everyone loves it. I was a really good boy, and didn't cry or make a noise, even though it was very long, and I didn't understand a lot of it really. Nana and Grandad, and especially Great Nana loved it. They took lots of photographs. We went back to the hotel for tea, Great Nana came too. They had a buffet, so mummy got me some lovely chicken. I have been such a good boy eating, mummy has been so happy. Grandad and Nana took great nana home, it was very sad to say goodbye. But I was very happy that we had seen her. We went back into the shops one last time, mummy and I didn't stay long, but my sisters did!

On Thursday we travelled home. We had breakfast first, and then finished packing and packed the car. It took a long time! We left at 10.45am! There were so many cars on the roads, it was so very busy. We got stuck for about an hour. I think everyone was travelling to West Wales for Easter! We got home finally, after stopping once for lunch. It was so good to be home, and see our cats! Our neighbour had looked after them for us. I went to bed in my cot like a good boy and slept really well. I had salmon, vegetables and sweet potato that mummy had frozen for tea :)

Daddy, me and Mummy :)

Friday - Daddy didn't come away with us, and he finished work early today to come and see us. We went out for lunch and a lovely walk in the sunshine. It was so warm and sunny.

On Saturday we went to Amroth, a tiny village right on the seafront. This is the view from the cafe window. We walked up to Colby Woodland Gardens, it was a lovely walk through the woods. The gardens are lovely too. We sat outside in the sun, it was very chilly by the sea, but warm in the shelter. Lea and Luke took part in an Easer Egg Trail, and we joined in too. It was lots of fun. They won a chocolate egg each. I can't have chocolate :( MeeMee and Oz met us back in Amroth and we all had lunch together. We then drove to Seaside Village and had a little walk, but it was very chilly there too so we went for a drink! 

This has been a really lovely week, very busy, and lots of new things. I am so happy that there is another week off school for the others too :)

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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Country Kids 19 April 2014

We are having such beautiful weather, I have been away most of the week visiting family, so yesterday it was so good to get out on my trike! It was so warm and sunny. Mummy, daddy, me, Lea and Luke went. We had lunch in the cafe then went for a lovely walk, I saw lots of children on their bikes, lots of doggies of all sizes, and lots of birdies. Because we walked alongside a Marina, I saw lots of boats too.  Lots of people were going out on them, it looks fun. Daddy would like to hire a boat one day :) I am writing this quickly because it is another beautiful day and we are going out for another walk through some beautiful woods to a beach. I love living here! I hope you all are having lovely sunshine too xx

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Friday, 18 April 2014

Word of the Week

I love taking part in The Reading Residence's Word of the Week, and one of my favourite linkys is Twin Mummy and Daddy's Binky Linky. As a very busy baby, I am linking up with both in this post.

I am a very busy baby boy.  I do not stop at all, except to eat, and I am usually trying to do something else then too. I spend all day doing something. I wake up, and straight away I have to gather my favourite animals and teddies, then shout to mummy to get me, then have my bottle, have my nappy changed, get dressed and go downstairs to watch The Octonauts.

 I then have my cereal for breakfast, then I cruise around the furniture, I may do some drawing, whilst watching Peppa Pig, then we may go out to the shops, or for a walk, or meet Nana. I usually have some toast if mummy and Nana have a coffee. I am very busy watching everything around me, and everyone, smiling at them, saying hello, waving. In the cafe, I play with the sauce and sugar sachets, then throw them from the highchair, and again... and again... its one of my favourite games ;) 

I should have a nap at some point, but I don't always. If I am inside, I crawl around and around, and stand up, and cruise around. I may build blocks, or put my favourite Baa inside something, at Nana's I empty all her clothes pegs out of their bucket, then put them all back. I may line up my teddies and creatures and have a tea party with them. 

I walk around with my walker, I get all my toys out, I draw, I pull all the DVDs off the TV unit, I love dancing, and singing. In the car I notice all the animals and make all their noises.

I eat my lunch, feeding myself, and my tea, and fruit as a snack.
I have a bath, and play with my bath toys.
I may have quick cuddle with mummy, never for long enough though, says mummy.

I go to bed so very tired! I have had such a busy day that I go to sleep quickly and I sleep all night long! Mummy calls me her busy little baby bee! 

The Reading Residence

Binky Linky

Could mummy be a Millionaire?

I had the chance to play a game online, but because I am too young, Mummy is going to do it! She has been asked to play and review an online bingo game called Millionaire Genie from 888 Ladies. She was quite excited as she has never played anything like this before.

 Millionaire Genie

Mummy has played bingo before, and, living near the seaside, we have lots of arcades with slot machines which she has also played a couple of times.

I went to bed whilst mummy played, so she wrote this for me:

I was given £5 credit to play with, and I was quite excited! The website was very easy to join, and there are lots of games to choose from. I was a bit confused to start, because it isn't a bingo game at all! But I loved the graphics of Millionaire Genie, and the way it is set out like a slot machine. You can choose how you play, I chose to individually spin each time because it was more fun! It is so simple, you just click and cross your fingers!

The game automatically highlighted if I won, and showed me how, and how much I had won. 

It was exciting when I won, and I did win quite a few small wins of up to 35p each time.
There are bonus pictures which can add more excitement and  chances to win, but I didn't really understand how they worked. It didn't matter because the Genie worked it all out for me! I know that one was a girl with a pink scarf, which I did see several times, but you need three of them to be a bonus. 
My money did last about 15 minutes, because of the top ups with the wins, and I did enjoy it. I only bet low amounts, because I wanted the game to last longer.

It's a great game to have a go at, if you fancy it. Please play responsibly, and only play with an amount you can really afford.

You can vote for Millionaire Genie or any other favourite game at The Which Bingo Awards  which are the current awards for the Uks favourite bingo games.

Mummy was given £5 credit to play this game, and these are her thoughts and views :) Thank you mummy x

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

I love Funky Giraffe :)

I am a very, very lucky boy, I have been sent another fantastic Funky Giraffe romper suit to review, and a dribble bib too! And, best of all, I am launching a competition for three lucky winners to each win a personalised romper suite of their choice too!

I just love theses romper suits, they are so comfortable and soft. This one is navy blue with a lovely red trim, and a red rocket on the front. I had my name added in red too. I wrote about my first romper too and you can read all about it here. You can choose from many designs, for boys and girls, and add any name to the front. Mummy loves them because they wash so well, and dry overnight. They don't crease, they are made of 100% cotton.

I love my new bib too, so soft, and a perfect fit. They have different sizes and loads of designs, as well as plain ones so you will definitely find one to match every outfit. Mummy chose this lovely bright one for the summer for me. It is nice and thick too which is good because I dribble a lot!

You can enter the competition below, and have a look at the full range of romper suits and bibs here.

Woohoo Points

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these comfy, soft gorgeous suits - and bibs too.
Super quick delivery, easy to wash, quick drying, no creasing, super-duper fab clothing :)

Waaaah Points 

Erm...... NONE!

We're going on an adventure